The Past, Present, and Future of a Perfected Classic at The Buena Vista Cafe

If you’ve ever spent an early San Francisco afternoon with time to kill at The Buena Vista Cafe, you’ll know the true glory of their most coveted item, their famous Irish Coffee. Lined up in rows of twenty, even almost thirty heated, six-ounce glasses that are precisely built from the bottom up, the legend of The Buena Vista Irish Coffee was created with careful consideration of ingredients, close attention to detail, and masterful precision, all to flourish in a demanding, high-volume environment.

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Robiee Ziegler
LA's Top Bartenders Compete in The Road to Hacienda Challenge - Herradura

We recently had the opportunity to join Herradura Tequila at Trunk Club in Culver City a couple weeks ago for a night of vibrant craft cocktails, joyful conversation, and a chance for ten talented bartenders to give us a taste  what the had up their sleeves. Everyone loves a good competition, and every single one of these skilled virtuosos brought something unique to the table, literally. 

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