Atop of the Barstool 

A Cocktail of Two Cities is the partnership of two gals who have an affinity for top-notch spirits, handcrafted cocktails, and warm atmospheres. We're making our way around the world on a hunt to find the most underrated bars and most interesting cocktails we can get our hands on. We like to focus not only on the concoctions, but the bartender and their domain as well. Follow us on our journey through our hometowns, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to see what we've got shaking up every week.


Lets work together!
As cocktail enthusiasts with a writing and photography background we're here to be collaborate with bars, restaurants, brands and other publications. We've found that through this journey our best way to give back to the industry is by creating the best quality of content to showcase our passions and yours too..

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Shots with Robiee

Robiee Ziegler grew up in Las Vegas, NV and was always one to be steadfast in her endeavors. Committing solely to her passion and talent for photography, Robiee moved out to Los Angeles at the ripe age of 18 to study photography at Art Center of Design in Pasadena. She has since relocated to West Hollywood where she breathes creativity as a professional photographer and producer. Robiee is an active pizza enthusiast, air-guitar veteran, and loves a good night out. You can usually catch her with a Mezcal based concoction in hand, camera around her neck, and good times all around.





Liquor lingo With Dakota


Perhaps born a few years too late and an enthusiast of anything oddball, as a Las Vegas native, the party started early on for Dakota and hasn't stopped since. Through and after high school she spent years in the service industry and has since ended up behind the bar herself. Also as an enthusiastic freelance writer she soon found much joy in writing about something so dear to her, a good cocktail. Dakota became co-founder of Cocktail of Two Cities to absorb and spread the knowledge she seeks so fiercely. That of her favorite industry. Cheers!



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