Balvenie - Whiskey Vs. Whisky, What’s it all about?

Whiskey vs whisky, ah the good ol’ debate. Years ago the New York Times was bombarded with angry readers that fought that they were spelling it whiskey, when it should have been whisky. Through our research we found vehement protests from each side. But, to be factual, and nearly unanimously, there is a difference, and it’s a large one at that. Not exactly one of taste or production, but instead where it’s produced. American and Irish made whiskies, are spelled whiskey. Being made pretty much anywhere else, specifically Scotland, Japan, and Canada, you’d take away that “e,” to make it whisky, and call it a day. At Balvenie’s Whisky vs. Whiskey, we learned exactly this and gained some other choice knowledge based around the history of the ever popular spirit distilled from fermented grain mash. Since Balvenie is made in Speyside, Scotland, it is spelled whisky, you dig?