Rémy Martin - Multi-Sensory Tour

We were lucky enough to immerse ourselves in the world of fine cognac and enjoy an invite-only tasting for Remy Martin. Arranged in walkthrough fashion, an educational experience from beginning to end, this installation had it all when it comes to dimension, vision, and way of captivating the senses

While we waited in the first room, staff came around with small tastings and gave us an introduction to what we were about to find in in this installment. Each room carried out a different purpose. These bell jar held the four different elements that are required to make cognac: wood, copper, grapes, and chalk. The beginning to the multi-sensory tour, allowing you to pick them up, look and feel the different components. 

Next we were lead into the second room which was lush and full of different plants and botanical displays. Here, this gentleman discussed the history of cognac with us, continuing onto the process of aging V.S.O.P. which stands for “very superior old pale,” which is also known as Reserve. This is a blend of the youngest brandy which is stored for at least four years in a wood cask. There were decanters set up to where you could create and experiment your own blends of. The four different ages displayed: two year, four year, eight year, and fourteen year samples.

In the third room a cellar master stood the the front of the room, raised his glass and  spoke to us about the process of barrel aging and the craft that goes into each of the caskets. 

Now, the last room featured a quiet finale of snack pairings to help us pull out different notes through taste and smell. Cinnamon sticks, jasmine, candied fruits, decadent chocolates, and cheeses to name a few. A bartender served up cocktails from a small list with gentle ease and conversed with a few guests.

Although we don't see ourselves traveling out Cognac, France to get the experience of the original craftsmanship  of cognac in it's home land, Rémy Martin has done an excellent job brining the full tour to us.