ACOTC Top Shelf Choices

Bourbon : Bulleit Rye ($28) , Four Roses ($19) 


•Gin: Nolets ($35), St. George Gin ($29), Tanquery 10 ($40)
Gin, to us, is royal among other spirits. The versatility, the freshness, and the very drinkable quality gets us every time. Mixable to perfection, whether you make a cocktail that's more spirit forward or something well balanced with other components like a Ramos Gin Fizz. (Which we highly suggest)

Whiskey: Whistle Pig ($75),  Hibiki ($75), Makers Mark ($35) 
It can be sweet and sensational, deep and woody, warm and smoky, the list goes on. Something about whiskey makes us feel like we're at home.


•Tequila: Yuu Baal ($35), Fortaleza ($45)
An old friend to some, worst enemy to most, how often do you hear, "Oh no, I can't drink tequila anymore." However, if you enjoy tequila responsibly and in moderation, or if you're like us and it just goes down like spicy water, there's always an easy way to appreciate this diverse spirit. 


Vodka:  Ketel One ($29), Beluga ($28)
What most of us use as a base to cover with other, more desirable flavors, vodka. Great for mixing, but not so great for a round of shots, unless you're into that sort of thing. We suggest top shelf vodka if you want a flavor you can easier mask.