The Classic Manhattan

Whether you use rye whiskey or bourbon, stir or shake, garnish with true maraschino cherries or just ruthlessly fish them out of the jar, you can find yourself before a bold and uplifting Manhattan. Rising to fame and acclaim in the 1800’s, this classic has remained with us as a favorite through the best and worst of times. Did you know Canadian whiskey was used prominently during prohibition? While there are several different theories as to where the Manhattan was first created, the most popular has to be that it was born at New York’s Manhattan Club in 1880.

Like most popular cocktails, you can find the Manhattan as a popular staple beverage being shaken up at bars across the globe since its creation. However, unlike many other timely classics that have lost their touch over the years due to over-modification, the Manhattan somehow remains mostly untouched as far as the original recipe goes. As opposed to today’s Manhattan made with two parts whiskey, one part sweet vermouth, and two dashes of bitters, the original club recipe called for equal parts of whiskey and vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters.

We prefer the traditional side of things, and a good Manhattan has to feel true. If you plan on fixing up your own manhattan, may we suggest using a whiskey such as Woodford Reserve, and going out of your way to find some bitters you really like. It makes a huge difference without muddying the cocktail.