A Cocktail Menu that Will Challenge Your Palate and Warm Your Heart - DCR

After we digressed a bit, we buckled down and Kevin shared a bit of his expertise with us while whipping up a few house cocktails that challenged our palates and warmed our hearts. He properly executed each drink with patience and care, and brought us even deeper into the intellectual yet approachable atmosphere that Downtown Cocktail Room embodies.

  • First, the Nibble Me This:

This unique libation has a new flavor pushing through with every sip and is made with 5 year aged Madeira and white rum. If you’re wondering what Madeira is, it’s a tart, fortified wine made off the coast of Portugal in the Madeira Islands. This fresh, savory concoction is mixed with house-made mint syrup and saffron bitters, sumac, which is a turkish spice, and a pinch of salt. This bold beaut is then finished with none other than, yes, a stick of truffle cheese. Wait, that’s not what you thought I was going to say? Meant to bite into after the first sip, and right before the next, this unlikely garnish turns this beverage into a culinary experience. This was Dakota’s favorite.

  • Next, the Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

Now, don’t let the name fool you into thinking this drink is all fun and games. This complex yet comforting cocktail could substitute as a meal, and a decadent one at that. With Yerba Mate gin, ah, two of our favorite things together as one, this one is unlike any PB&J you’ve ever had. A rum-based peanut butter liquor being our other star, of course, is combined with in-house organic cranberry syrup, in-house grenadine, and finished with an egg white and Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout over top. All we have to say is yum. Sweet and creamy with such a tart and nutty contrast. We suggest this one as an after-dinner treat.

  • Third, the Nutty Ambrosia:

The true nectar of the gods, this fragrant and sensual cocktail knocked our socks off before we even tasted it. This gorgeous, gold gem is made with pecan whiskey, Calvados, just a tad of Brut, a couple drops of bitters atop all-spice, and finished with a splash of soda to soften the flavor. With notes of black licorice, and a tangy freshness that warms your belly, this drink will transform with every sip into a slightly nuttier experience. We have personally never had anything like this, and were stunned by its simply beautiful presentation.

  • Fourth, the Ain’t You A Sweetie Pie:

Another gin-based cocktail shaken to perfection with a condensed milk drizzle, honey syrup, and angostura bitters, much like our first cocktail, this is a drink that is brought to its full potential by its garnish. A stick of dark chocolate balanced atop perfection, one bite of chocolate followed by a cool sip of heaven. This is another drink we’d suggest for dessert. Or, well, three consecutive desserts, we don’t judge.

  • Last but surely not least, the Pants on Fire;

This mezcal-based cocktail is like smoke in water. It’s made with 96 proof smoky mezcal and Salers, which is a very old and very traditional aperitif made in France’s Massif Central region. With a bottom layer of a Spanish-made sherry that’s great for blending, Scrappy’s Orange Bitters, a pinch of a salt and sugar mix, and what wowed us the most, house-made “Essence of Man” bitters. Featuring warm hints of tobacco and nutmeg, this was foreign to our tastebuds, and we loved every second of it. Crisp, clean, dry, and smoky, this was Robiee’s favorite considering the use of mezcal, and called for a refreshing experience that left us feeling light and full at the same time.




Overall, we suggest you run, not walk to Downtown Cocktail Room’s elusive front door, sit down with Kevin or another one of their friendly and talented bartenders, and enjoy a unique and laid back experience that’s unlike any other that you’ll find in Downtown Las Vegas. 


(702) 880-3696