May The Force Be With You - Negroni Week Style

Calling all Negroni Week participants! Today we spent some time at The Corner Door in Los Angeles to geek out and enjoy their take on the Negroni Week festivities. Every day of this week, they'll be showcasing a new Star Wars themed surprise, cleverly titled in homage to Episodes 1-7, all in the fashion of a Negroni, of course. Grab a lightsaber, call your favorite Jedi, and treat yourself this week!

Episode 1 : Monday 6.5
Jar Jar Drinks
Banana Rum, Campari, Combier

Episode 2: Tuesday 6.6
Clone Wars - Ti Negroni Flight

Episode 3 : Wednesday 6.7
Lava Batch
Scotch, Campari, Cassis, Punt E Mes

Episode 4 : Thursday 6.8
Tatooini Sunset
Mezcal, Campari, OJ, Sugar, Egg White

Episode 5 : Friday 6.9
Wampa Slumber Party
Barrel-aged Gin, Campari, Dry Vermouth

Episode 6 : Saturday 6.10
Jedi Funeral
Black Strap Rum, Campari, Bianco Vermouth, Passion Fruit, Orgeat

Episode 7 : Sunday 6.11
Captain Phasma
Gin, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Lemon, Clarified with Milk

Robiee Ziegler