Let's Get Lovey Dovey

Hey all you lovebirds! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, Single’s Awareness Day, (which is apparently totally a thing), or it’s just another Wednesday for you, we’ve got you covered! We concocted a few different love potions in the spirit of the largest consumerist holiday, to well, consume some spirits. Share these with your honey, your best friend, your mom, or just anyone you’d send heart-eye emojis to.

Let's fall in love a little shall we?

Light of my life and fire of my loins! My sin, my soul... 

We took one of our most beloved spirits, St George's Botanivore Gin, took some tropical TLC and slapped some mint and spice on it. Try this one with larger cubes and give it some flowers.

ValentinesDay_ACOTC (2 of 2) copy.jpg
ValentinesDay_ACOTC (2 of 2)_B.jpg

You don't have to put this one down for a while.

This blushing beauty features none other than Ilegal Mezcal Joven, Port Wine, and a fluffy emulsion made with St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram. The perfect dessert, you can just kiss your foam if you get lonely.

ValentinesDay_ACOTC (1 of 2).jpg
ValentinesDay_ACOTC (1 of 2)_A.jpg

What’s that smell? Dare I say, is it love in air? This last one is simple and sweet, just like the honeymoon phase of any relationship. It also packs a small punch right at your breast, hence our reference to the best short story ever written.

“Press closer, little Nightingale...”

ValentinesDay_Day (3 of 2).jpg
ValentinesDay_Day (3 of 2_B).jpg

Happy V-Day!

Robiee Ziegler