In the entertainment capital of the word, safe from bumper to bumper traffic and all the pressure of everyday life, we share with you our sanctuaries. From Melrose to Downtown, Silverlake to the San Fernando Valley, here you’ll find all the best places to unwind and entertain on a night out.


• The Normandie Club

Dark and sexy saloon with bartenders perfecting the classics and effortlessly show casing their mixology skills. This is place perfect for any date, meet up or night cap under the candle light.


• The Walker Inn

Through the "secret door," and into an even cozier atmosphere than the Normandie Club, The Walker Inn has made it to the list of top 50 bars around the world. The most creative and ever evolving cocktail themes you'll ever see..."Science projects" or "Climate-theme"... always a thrill! We suggest making a reservation, or perhaps you'll get lucky on a rainy evening. 


• Sassafras Saloon

A little New Orleans in the heart of Hollywood. This bar is a must! All the NOLA classic cocktails and even a "build a buck"! There will never be a dull moment here with live music, garden seating, revolving belt of liquor and even a cocktail wheel! 


• Everson Royce Bar

Polished interior with marble counter tops, neon signage, royal blue upholstery and a cocktail menu to match! Through the back door is a full patio with stung lights, games and picnic tables. Although this place is labeled as a "bar" it could almost serve a restaurant. Some of the best eats in the Art District! Kitchen closes at 1am and there's happy hour too!


• The Darkroom

Everyone has their go-to dive bar and this is at the top of our list. Literally! We're not here for the cocktails, but we are here for the good company, excellent service, photobooth, movie choices, music, late night neighborhood eats (get the pizza!) and prices that can't be beat. 


• Eveleigh

With beautiful weather year around, Eveleigh has the best indoor/outdoor atmosphere for enjoying their ever evolving craft cocktails. Farm to table menu, dog friendly with properly executed indoor/outdoor seating. This rustic den is the place to be and right in the heart of it all, Sunset Blvd.

• The Roger Room

Eclectic and vintage with walls lined with freak show photographs that make it feel a bit like the dark circus speakeasy. Upscale bar with a cozy environment serving up the trendiest concoctions. 


• Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel

Welcome to the hippest and trendiest party in all of Los Angeles where the the drinks are too a party within them seleves. Where else can you sip craft cocktails, mingle in a jacuzzi while looking over DTLA with all the coolest people?! Check online for their daily events and DJ sets. 


• Caña Rum Bar

This classy, exclusive spot caught our eye after learning about how enthusiastic they are about perhaps one of the most underrated spirits in our opinion, RUM. Sexy and warm on the inside, with our favorite tiki charm, this spot has one of the best rum selections in the country. You will need a membership to enter, but it's only $20 to join for a whole year and you can always bring up to 3 guests. Who's to argue with that?!


• Honeycut

Bring your dancing shoes! Honeycut had some of the most creative cocktail for an evening of heating up the multicolored dance floor to all the best disco! 


• The Varnish

Don't want to give too much away, but this speakeasy is a must! Mixologist hand crafting cocktails in 50's fit, dark and moody intermate atmosphere. Make reservations and good luck on your hunt!