Sin City has so much more to offer than cheap thrills and not so cheap hotel fare. We personally prefer a great bar to any club, any given night of the week, but hey, that’s just us. If you find yourself looking for a good time and craving a more dive-y, kitschy, or classic experience, take a chance on one, or all, of these gems.


The Golden Tiki

This China Town favorite serves up not only your classic Zombies and Hurricanes, but their own fruity and well-balanced signature cocktails. Try anything on the menu with dole whip soft serve in it, and please blow out the fire atop your dark and stormy before indulging.



Relaxed and effortlessly sophisticated, Artiface stands at the forefront of the Art District acting as a local staple. With great cocktails, a decent draft list, and a fantastic music selection there's a reason for anyone to be here. Oh, and did I mention they host karaoke every Wednesday night?


Park on Fremont

If you find yourself on East Fremont, chances are you'll end up in the belly of this stunning spot. We'll leave this one somewhat of a surprise. But, may we suggest you have a couple "Pillowtalks" and enjoy the adult seesaw out back. Just please, bring a spotter.



Newly settling into the Art District, you'll find the externally subtle, ReBar. However, inside you could make some friends and purchase some knick knacks all while enjoying a tasty drink. Antique store meets dive-bar, *hums My Favorite Things*, this place is delightfully cozy and altogether a unique experience.


Velveteen Rabbit

With not a detail missed and a composed and unpretentious atmosphere, Velveteen will wow you the twentieth visit the same way they did on the first. Each cocktail is a delicious experience, tended to as art by their friendly and informative bartenders. And hey, not to mention they have killer decor and live music out back in the summertime. 


Atomic Liquors

As one of the longest standing bars downtown, this place is a must. With exciting cocktails and plenty of places to sit and enjoy them, feel the blast from the past that this mellow environment has to offer. Also, don't laugh, but check out the bathrooms. 


Downtown Cocktail Room

Completely hidden off of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd, finding this place might be a slight challenge, but it will be worth it when you do. Their cocktail list trumps just about any other joint's in town as far as quantity and variety go. It is a seasonal menu, but ask for a Nibble Me This is you're feeling adventurous. One word: Cheese.



Ouija boards, themed nights and a dancehall that beats anywhere else in town. Wear comfy shoes!


The Cornish Pasty Co.

Mainly a restaurant, but their bar is not to be missed. Who can say no to pool and $4 Irish Car Bombs?


Frankie's Tiki Room

The most authentic tiki experience. Needless to say, the place fills up fast!


Dino's Lounge

Every local's favorite dive. Come for the relaxed experience, stay because you took too many tequila shots.


The Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan

A more upscale experience without a doubt. 
Try the Verbena. It's memorable in the sense that it's one of the most unique journeys our tastebuds have ever gone on. Literally!