Down the Rabbit Hole - Velveteen Rabbit

In 2013 the Arts District acquired one of it’s most acclaimed local favorites, Velveteen Rabbit. Sisters Pam and Christina Dylag opened Velveteen Rabbit almost four years ago after molding their dream into a fairytale-inspired reality. Ridden with velvet couches lining the main hall, shades of dark wood everywhere, and adorably odd and kitschy undertones that tie this unique fortress together.  

When it comes down to their selection of spirits and cocktail menu alike, these ladies make sure not a detail is missed. They are constantly creating unique and approachable concoctions and featuring them on their seasonal menus. Also, with a beer list not to be missed, this place could please absolutely anyone willing to become a part of their world.

“We could have had another concept and made super easy drinks and maybe made more money on our business,” says Pam, “but for us, we didn’t want to compromise. We also don’t like branding, and sometimes thats tough because in our industry when you brand you get free product or more support but we didn't want to do that. We thought it would cheapen the whole experience.”

With only just a few years under their belt as the owners of this beloved establishment, these ladies have won the hearts and loyalty of locals and tourists alike. With live music in the Spring and Summer coming up, also look out for cocktail classes run by the dynamic duo themselves. If you haven’t already had the pleasure, make your way to Velveteen Rabbit any day of the week starting at 5pm every evening.


1218 S MAIN ST, LAS VEGAS, NV 89104
(702) 685-9652