A Little Slice of Mexico on Fremont Street - La Comida

Around the corner from the historical backbone of downtown Las Vegas, you will find yourself entranced by a neon-lit alleyway into an ornately decorated wonderland of traditional Mexican fare and a variety of tequila and mezcal based cocktails that would even woo Frida Kahlo. "More tequilas than seats," as they so cleverly boast on their website, they're not kidding. We had the joy of experiencing the Verano De Jalisco, a flavorful twist on the margarita, made with herbs, house simple syrup, a Tajin rim, and you guessed it, top-shelf blanco tequila. Walk, run, or drunkenly stumble into La Comida for a good time you may or may not remember.


100 s. 6th street, las vegas, nv 89101
(702) 463-9900
OPEN: tues-thurs 11:30aM-10:39AM
Sat 12pm-12am
sun 12pm - 11pm