Breathing New Life Into the Sails of an Old Vegas Favorite - Starboard Tack

Back in April, we suddenly began to hear the same name bouncing off the walls of any bar we would frequent in the greater Las Vegas area. "Starboard Tack this, Starboard Tack that," we just had to find out what the buzz was all about. A resurrected gem resting just a few blocks east of Las Vegas Blvd off of Sahara and, how appropriate, Atlantic Street, you’ll find what may initially appear to be a mirage to an unskilled sailor, none other than Starboard Tack.


Bryant Jane and Lyle Cervenka took Starboard Tack into loving arms just months ago, and it’s already making its own fresh impression on curious locals and industry folk alike. Bryant and Lyle who opened up the largest Amaro bar in the world in its time, Retroscena, and previously bartended at spots such as Atomic Liquor downtown and at Velveteen Rabbit in the Arts District, say they want to become the best craft cocktail bar with a full service kitchen AND gaming that’s open 24 hours in the world. Yes, it may seem ambitious, but the sky’s the limit right? Starboard is still in its soft opening phase, and it hasn’t quite yet opened up its 24 hour service, but a time where you can get both oysters and a daiquiri at 2am is in your future.


Let’s get nostalgic for a minute here. In 1971, the original Starboard Tack opened its doors to the public. An old Vegas hotspot, considering it was the only gaming bar at the time that was open 24/7, the nautical hideaway was frequented by friendly neighborhood regulars and the star performers of the Strip at what some may consider Las Vegas’ peak of true entertainment. Although Bryant and Lyle completely renovated most of the interior, they kept a few bits of character from the past.


The generous 5000 sq. foot space is complete with an abundant bar with rum as their speciality to keep the nautical theme going strong, a full kitchen, and plenty of lounge and dining space including several pieces of furniture from the original spot. How many bottles of rum on the wall, you may ask? Now with couple hundred bottles, the list is still growing, that’s how many. The cocktail list features not only variable and creative rum-based concoctions, but also some great twists on the classics, and even some delicious blended cocktails. The Gunpowder Swizzle, featuring cask aged Eldorado 5 Year, was our favorite that Lyle made for us. The Gunpowder Swizzle is also comprised of Dry Gin, lime juice, black tea falernum, angostura bitters, and mint. 


Starboard invites you to kick back and stay a while with an outstanding Asian/Polynesian-inspired food menu as well. Give the mushroom skewers a shot and enjoy the refreshing frozen Mango Chi Chi, not only for the tasty beverage itself, but the adorable ceramic panda it’s served in. That’s another place where X marks the spot on Starboard Tack’s nautical theme, the decor and presentation of everything they have to offer. From the dishware to the beer selection, attention to detail certainly wasn’t overlooked. These two made sure they stuck true to the integrity of the unusual gem they were lucky to work with.

Starboard is open 7 days and week and will be opening for daytime hours within the next couple of weeks.

Starboard Tack.

2601 Atlantic st. Las Vegas, NV 89121
(720) 684-5769
OPEN: 24 hours