A Supper Club Sure To Make Your Heart Roar - Mama Lion

Now, let's get this straight before we go any further, we don't typically enjoy supper clubs. We don't consider ourselves to be very, excuse us please, boujee. With that being said, we give just about any bar a chance, but the presumptions we had based off of ostentatious cliches, left us jaded by the idea of the modern supper club. However! All of those ideals and presumptions were quickly changed with just a few pours. 



Mama Lion in Koreatown showed us the way into understanding that our perception of supper clubs as a showy novelty, was indeed completely mislead. A brick wall accented by the light of crystal chandeliers towers over leather tufted booths. Sleek seating areas and the glimmer of gold accents  indicates a vintage feel with modern-industrial undertones that compliment every element of the space. There is a dress code, which can be found on their website. If only to respectfully hold a certain rapport with their patrons, which is A-okay in our book. 


Chef Michael Hung is the man behind the menu, who Los Angeles locals and foodies will recognize from Viviane, inside The Avalon in Beverly Hills and Faith & Flower, Downtown. Even with award-worthy dishes and a seductive menu, the bar is what completed the experience for us. But why wouldn't it, right? 


With a full bar featuring over fifty different bottles of Scotch and an outstanding cocktail menu, it's nearly impossible to pass up a drink on your evening out. Yes, even if you're trying to be good. Ahem, life's too short, we don't recommend it. What we do recommend is communicating with your bartender, and figuring out what cocktail choice is right for you during your visit, given you will have an excellent experience if you embrace what it has to offer. Psssst, we suggest the Sun God.*


Reservations are recommended, but we highly suggest the next time you find yourself looking to try something new and unlikely, or you find yourself all dressed up with no place to go, Mama Lion is the place to be. 

Also stay tuned for a closer look at some of their most popular cocktails!



601 S Western Ave, Los Angeles CA 90005
(213) 377-5277