The Tiki Bar That's Proving Itself to be the Newest Star on Hollywood Blvd - Lono

So let's say you find yourself as a castaway on a desert island, but that desert island isn't an island at all, it's actually Hollywood Blvd. Okay, now say you're strolling about the summer heat amidst the debris of many a shipwreck, so to speak, and a rather inconspicuous door catches your eye. Don't be apprehensive, stroll inside, and behold, you've found yourself within Lono.

Lono, named after the Hawaiian god of rainfall, opened up only early last month and is already accumulating a steady following. Zach Patterson and Austin Melrose, the duo behind Umbrella Hospitality bring you more than just your average tiki bar. With a slightly modern and well organized atmosphere, they've merged class and kitsch in perfect harmony without missing a single knick-knack or any opportunity to show off a little coconut-flavored history.  


Adorned with wicker and bamboo furniture situated in cozy seating areas and a menagerie of nautical antiques, although they fit the mold, something about Lono still stands out above other LA tiki spots. Not even five minutes in, we began to notice a theme of neat and complete balance from A to Z. From the front door to the patio, a mild transformation occurs, and what feels like an upper-class, cozy hut turns into what seems like a tropical paradise.  

Now, let's get down to cocktails. With featured tiki classics like the Mai Tai and Pina Colada, they manage to hit their mark with a mature twist. For instance, their Pina Colada features Angostura Amaro.  If you're looking for something a little more exclusive, wrap your lips around a Hubba Hubba with coconut infused cachaca and slide into your own little oasis. For a couple or larger party, Lono offers cocktails that serve 2+ people. Can you say date night?

And holy helm, they serve a full food menu as well. Smaller favorites such as the coconut popcorn will build you up while larger meals like the Peking Duck will bring you back down to earth. A $100 "Lono Luau" is also available by reservation only in their Green Room. 

Bottom line is, if you're looking for a break from mild and mediocre in an unlikely tropical paradise, Lono is where to find solace this summer and any other day of the year. Sail on in and find yourself your own little vacation.

Robiee Ziegler