7 Notable Cocktail Shakers


Shaken, not stirred... Did you know that the use of cocktail shakers can be traced back to 7000 B.C. but they weren't patented until the late 1800s? Also, during prohibition, cocktail shakers were made in many different shapes and designs, including shakers that looked like lighthouses and penguins, for instance. Today in a more sleek and sophisticated form, whether you prefer using a Boston shaker, a French shaker, or a Cobbler, chances are this lovely tool makes every bartender's life easier. Shake it baby!


1. Plum Cocktail Shaker
By Tom Dixon, from Tom Dixon

Shake up your night with the futuristic design of the Plum Cocktail Shaker. The pragmatic form of the shaker allows for effective mixing, within its large belly, while the tapered ends not only balance out the overall piece, the slimmer end also functions as a spirit measure. Similarly to its simple design, the shaker is made from drawn and spun stainless steel and finished with a copper plating. Complete your Plum Shaker with the rest of the Plum Collection.


2. Rabbit
RBT Cocktail Shaker

A jigger cap, strainer lid, integrated reamer and insulated metal design make this cocktail shaker a versatile addition to your home bar.


3. Enamel Cocktail Shaker and Jigger Set

Stainless steel campsite-ready cocktail set is finished in that classic blue and white speckled enamel. The double side jigger and shaker with built-in strainer is all you'll need for shaking up everything from riverside Sidecars to fireside Sazeracs. 


4. Pineapple Cocktail Shaker
$ 80.00

The pineapple has long been recognized as a symbol of hospitality and warm welcome. Welcome others to your home by shaking up a craft cocktail with this three-piece pineapple shaker. 

5. Tiffany & Co. Century Cocktail Shaker

Shake ‘em up. Cocktail shaker in sterling silver. 10" high.

6. Oggi™ Copper Plated Dial A Drink™ Cocktail Shaker

Oggi's Dial A Drink Cocktail Shaker will change the way you bartend. 15 drink recipes are etched on the inner shaker, which can be dialed in by twisting. The lid is outfitted with a built-in strainer to hold back ice and fruit while pouring.

7. Rogaska Avenue Cocktail Shaker with Metal Top

Crystal Collections - Crystal cocktail shaker by Rogaska crystal with metal lid.