What If One Toast Could Provide Water To Someone In Need? Now It Does! - Absolut Elyx

So many of us share the privilege of having clean water available to us whenever we need it. While the fortunate sip upon our twelve dollar cocktails on a evening out, there are people without a drop to even wet their lips. 

Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day, and Absolut Elyx teamed up with Water For People to bring clean water to those who need it most through perhaps a rather unlikely industry. Absolut Elyx is made with over fifty percent pure well water, and the luxury of access to clean water is familiar to and much appreciated by it's curators. 

"What if one toast could provide a week's supply of water to someone in need? Now it does. Join us on #WorldWaterDay and #RaiseItForward!"


Each bottle of Elyx sold in the US will provide a donation that will supply of a week's worth of safe water to those in need. Better yet, if you purchase this lovely copper pineapple, or any other goodies from the Elyx boutique, they will provide a month's supply of water to those in need.

Now, if you get your hands on one of these adorable pineapples, get out your phone, snap a photo, tag @absolutelyx with the hashtag #raiseitfoward, and hit the post button! Each post shared using the #raiseitforward initiative between today and Earth Day on April 22nd, a week's worth of water will be provided for someone in need. Good things come to those who care! Cheers!