A Toast to Girl Power!

May we start off by saying to all you powerful babes out there, happy International Women's Day.

Every day more and more women are taking over behind the bar, in master beverage programs, and in breweries and wineries across the globe. After all, women have finer-tuned senses, and at the end of the day, that's what liquor, beer, and wine are all about, taste and smell. 

Over a short time we've come across many women who have shattered gender norms and pushed the industry to a new level with much needed class and finesse that only a woman can bring.

We've met a couple of the most charismatic and professional brand ambassadors that just so happen to be women. We know a dynamic sister duo back home that fulfilled their dreams and opened their own bar, which has become one of the most beloved spots in Las Vegas. A friend of ours works with female sommelier who started at a rather young age and faced every challenge with grace knowledge, and an open mind, bringing her to the top of her field at only 25. 

Being female-run as well, we like to highlight the true potential that woman can and do bring to this industry. Every day we look to forward to seeing more women kicking ass and taking names when it comes to conquering new innovations in beverage, and in any other field that has been known to be male-driven in the past. Move over fellas, we're stepping in.

Robiee Ziegler