High Above The Las Vegas Strip, We Found Spirit-based Salvation : For The Love of Cocktails

A little over a week ago, we arrived at Delano Las Vegas around dusk, and were taken up in an elevator to Skyfall Lounge. Towering high above the strip, we realized we were walking into an event with no real inkling of what we were getting ourselves into, other than a night of celebration. We found ourselves anxious and excited to get inside, and in turn, with little expectations, boy, were they quickly exceeded. 

For the Love of Cocktails is an annual fundraiser event hosted by Back Bar USA, the USBG, and this year, master mixologist, Tony Abou-Ganim with all proceeds going to Helen David Relief Fund for bartenders effected by breast cancer. Helen David was Tony Abou-Ganim's cousin who beat breast cancer not once, but twice in her lifetime, and was a beloved bartender and bar owner within the community. 


When we arrived at For the Love of Cocktails, we were immediately thrust into a Valhalla of craft cocktails in a high-energy, high-volume, fantasy-like atmosphere, where skill was as heavy throughout the venue as the conversation, and was painted out across the rooms on different canvases. These canvases we speak of being each bar top, decorated with close attention to detail to make a true experience for each booth.  

We basked in the glory of quality liquor, fun and inventive garnishes, and that perfect presentation from creation to pour that gets our hearts racing every time. Live music blasted around us and crowds moved through each booth in the masses. Small bites sped through the room on trays and we did our very best to work snacking stops into our route. We quickly realized this was unlike any ordinary tasting we'd ever attended, and that it was time to slow down. Sharing each drink soon became crucial to our survival, so to speak. 


As we marveled in awe at each step taken to pull off this exciting event, we couldn't have been more impressed. Any idea of what we were stepping into was far from what we actually experienced, and in the best way possible. We highly suggest that any mixologist, bartender of any sort, or just someone who would like to learn a thing or two within an interactive drinking extravaganza, should get their tickets as soon as they go on sale next year. Even if you're not a local, we believe it would be in your best interest to make the trip. Til' next year, For the Love of Cocktails!